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We provide the exclusive nationwide standards and accreditation initiative dedicated to non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) entities, encompassing companies, agencies, groups, and individuals (excluding ambulances). We are not an industry association. 

The NEMTAC® standards epitomize the optimal industry practices, ensuring consistent delivery of superior customer care, safe vehicle operations, and ethical business conduct. In addition to offering accreditation, NEMTAC® extends its services to include educational programs and training certificates tailored for individuals already engaged or aspiring to establish a career within the NEMT sector.

Securing NEMTAC® accreditation sets an organization apart and signals to its clientele and stakeholders that it has successfully met the exacting standards of excellence prevalent in the NEMT industry. NEMTAC's all-encompassing accreditation process often surpasses the benchmarks set by state or local regulatory bodies. Organizations with NEMTAC® accreditation can anticipate heightened utilization rates, diminished legal liabilities, and a distinguished status as a frontrunner within the market.

NEMTAC Leadership



The Accreditation Advisory Board is made up of industry professionals setting and upholding the highest standards of the NEMT profession. They define accreditation criteria, ensure quality, and drive continuous improvement across the industry, ultimately enhancing passenger safety and quality service. 

compliance & Regulatory

The Compliance & Regulatory Advisory Board at NEMTAC comprises industry leaders adept in navigating the complex web of rules and regulations governing non-emergency medical transportation. Their expertise ensures that providers adhere to legal and ethical standards, safeguarding patient rights and promoting compliance, thereby fostering a trustworthy and compliant NEMT sector.


The Certification Advisory Board is dedicated to setting and maintaining educational and professional standards across the industry. They shape the certification criteria, and promote ontinuous improvement among providers, guaranteeing safe, reliable, and compassionate service delivery for passengers.  This body also serves as the ANSI® Standards Subcommittee reviewing all standards under consideration by NEMTAC®

The Resource & Conference Advisory Board at NEMTAC is a diverse group of professionals committed to enriching the non-emergency medical transportation sector. They curate educational content, organize impactful events, conferences, webinars and oversee NEMT Today Magazine to facilitate knowledge sharing, networking, and skill development within the industry.

resource & conference


The Technology Advisory Board is a dynamic group of tech-savvy experts lending their professional knowledge and experience to the NEMT space.  Evaluating and standardizing tech solutions, promoting innovation and working toward seamless integration of the digital elements of our industry. 

Advisory Board


Advisory Board Members
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