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We are currently seeking members for all NEMTAC® Advisory Boards and encourage you to apply. Participation is encouraged from the following interest categories:

  • Users of NEMT services

  • Vendors of NEMT equipment and vehicles

  • Those who have a general interest in the NEMTAC® mission, such as payers, academia, industry consultants, and other governmental agencies.

To learn more about NEMTAC® Advisory Boards, please review the description of each Advisory Board below. 

Team Talk

Join an Advisory Board

Step 1

Determine where your knowledge, interest and expertise fits best for an advisory board position.

Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by NEMTAC® to set up a phone meeting. NEMTAC® Board of Directors will review candidates monthly (first Wednesday of each month) and you will be notified of the decision by the Executive Director. 

  • How does an organization start the accreditation process?
    It is easy to do! 1. Request a copy of the NEMTAC Accreditation Standards Self-Assessment Tool located above. For transportation providers click here. For any other organizations interested in learning about NEMTAC Accreditation Standards click here. 2. Review accreditation readiness by comparing and preparing your organization to NEMTAC standards. 3. Submit the Accreditation Application and pay the appropriate fee. Your organization will be given access to NEMTCredEx and asked to upload the documents requested in the Accreditation Checklist. 4. After your documents are submitted, you can self evaluate for completion, and submit them for review by the assessment team and formal NEMTAC Accreditation.
  • How long does it take to get NEMTAC Accreditation?
    Once and application is submitted to NEMTAC, an organization should allow 90 days to complete the accreditation process. The timeline is contingent on the efficient flow of information between NEMTAC and the organization seeking accreditation. A detailed accreditation step-by-step guide is provided to facilitate this process.
  • What will NEMTAC Accreditation cost an organization?
    Costs for accreditation vary depending on the size of the organization and the number of operations (locations, business entities or states). The application fee for all organizations is $600. The accreditation fees are as follows: $3600 - Pay $600 non-refundable application fee plus$83.33 monthly over the 3 years of accreditation $3000 - Pay $600 non-refundable application fee plus $2400 at time of application
  • How long is my NEMTAC Accreditation valid for?
    NEMTAC accreditation for is valid for a three-year (3) period provided you remain compliant with the submitted credentials and all fees remain current. Failing to maintain monthly payment arrangements will result in early termination of accreditation.
  • Why should my organization become NEMTAC Accredited?
    NEMTAC accreditation reflects industry best practices but is flexible enough to relate to all sizes and types of NEMT organizations. By becoming NEMTAC accredited, your organization demonstrates to it's customers, payors and NEMT community an unparalleled commitment to quality and compliance standards.
  • What does the NEMTAC Accreditation Process Encompass?
    In general, NEMTAC will review the following catagories and respective documentation: Organizational Management Human Resources Driver Credentialing Compliance Program / Ethical Business Practices Vehicle Maintenance Fleet Operations Communications
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