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Become a Certified Transport Specialist® (CTS®) Today!


NEMTAC®, as the ANSI Accredited Standard Developer (ASD) for the NEMT industry, provides exceptional online education to elevate the careers and companies in the NEMT industry. The education sets the foundation for future growth in the industry beyond just transportation. 

You’re more than just a driver… You are now a NEMT Professional.


The Certified Transport Specialist® (CTS®) is the nation’s first nationally accredited program for the NEMT professional. The curriculum covers a broad range of topics (within 18 modules)  and provides the NEMT driver the knowledge and professional skills to deliver exceptional transportation services safely.


Click HERE to view the course objectives for CTS® 2.0 


Upon completion of the CTS® course, the NEMT professional will be nationally certified for two years. And, will be able to highlight their accomplishment by proudly displaying their CTS® patch on their uniform and CTS® decal on their vehicle.

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March 20, 2023

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