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Simply put, taking care of people is why non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) companies exist. NEMTAC accreditation communicates to passengers and their families that the company provides exceptional quality and adheres to compliance standards. Accreditation means something to those organizations.

NEMTAC® accredited companies and their Certified Transport Specialists (CTS)® are showing a remarkable commitment to the communities they serve. While simultaneously improving their business operations, they offer outstanding quality and are recognized as market leaders. NEMTAC accreditation gives our NEMT partners and their personnel benefits that are unparalleled in the industry.


All NEMT companies need to meet state and federal regulations to be able to operate. However, passengers can rest assured that NEMTAC standards exceed “meeting” requirements. NEMTAC accredited companies want to be the best by providing:

  • Quality Medical Transportation

  • Enhancing Internal Business Processes. 


Healthcare agencies and passengers in need of medical transportation services have high standards. Our accreditation

demonstrates to them a commitment to quality and allows them to feel confident about the provision of medical transportation services within their community.

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