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The NEMT industry (comprised of both private and publicly run organizations providing medically necessary transportation) has often operated under fragmented regulations and disparate operational standards. These vital transportation services often serve as the safety net for Medicaid recipients, the elderly, the disabled and those with low incomes to access healthcare services.

For more information on how important NEMT services are to millions of Americans,  please take a moment to review these industry articles:

Why is NEMTAC® Accreditation Important to Payors and Regulators?

  • For the medical transportation industry, obtaining accreditation distinguishes an organization and signifies to its customers and stakeholders that they have met the NEMT industry standards of excellence.

  • NEMTAC's comprehensive accreditation process often exceeds those established by state or local regulators and are designed to increase utilization, serve as a market differentiator and decrease liability.

  • NEMTAC accreditation ensures that an NEMT organization has met or exceeded the highest standards of quality care.

  • Patients, hospital systems, payors, elected officials and key stakeholders know they can trust the services a NEMTAC accredited company is providing.

  • By obtaining accreditation, payors, health plans, health systems and insurances companies will have confidence that their members are in the best hands with the best standards.

  • NEMTAC accreditation is affordable and serves as a significant market differentiator for NEMT companies.

  • As state and federal regulations change, our accreditation provides a framework for updating practices, policies and procedures.

  • As a third-party, objective, unbiased organization, NEMTAC has obtained the highly coveted American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accreditation as a standards developer for the NEMT industry.

  • NEMTAC standards help the NEMT company focus their priorities, overcome operational challenges and advance leadership and governance.

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