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  • Jonathon Anthon, Chief Revenue Officer, RouteGenie

  • Kyle Archer, Director of Sales, Passio Technologies

  • Arthur Attal, Director of Corporate Development, Via

  • Tony Bradshaw, Owner, Bradshaw Consulting Services (BCS)

  • Dominic Buono, Regional Sales Director, UZURV Holdings Inc

  • Sufian Chowdhury, Founder & CEO, Kinetik Healthcare Solutions, Inc

  • Imran Cronk, CEO, Ride Health

  • Jack Hayes, Director of Sales, BiTs

  • Brendan McNiff, Strategic Advisory, Roundtrip

  • David Reinkensmeyer, Director of Product Development, Schedule Viewer LLC (MediRoutes)

  • Ben Salter, Co-Founder and Head of Operations, SafeRide Health

  • Joe Tovar, Senior Product Manager, TripSpark Medical


The technology advisory board is made up of 15 advisory board members who meet the 3rd Thursday of every month. This advisory board is dedicated to developing technology best practices for the NEMT industry 

One of the bigger problems plaguing NEMT transportation providers is the number of dry runs that occur in their operations. 

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The advent of mobile devices along with the build-out of cellular data networks is revolutionizing all businesses that have a mobile workforce. A driver mobile application takes advantage of this technology revolution.

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At the centerpiece of NEMT Standards development is data. Data allows for analysis, synthesis and for quantitative decisions to be made. This document exists to clearly and accurately describe the NEMTAC data repository.

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The Technology Advisory Board has created many useful documents for the NEMT Owner/Operator:

Choosing the right billing solution can be a challenge for your NEMT business. Billing software solutions will help simplify the process. This document provides items to consider when choosing a software billing solution.

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Technology Advisory Board Members
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